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Deep Field – Part 1

Deep Field Part 1. Initial Conditions

A primary edit of the first part of three films reflecting on the Deep Field was screened at RIXC FESTIVAL 2019, THE 4TH OPEN FIELDS CONFERENCE ON ART-SCIENCE RESEARCH AND UN/GREEN EXHIBITION. The short 6 minute piece, drawing on field recordings by Neal White (UK) and Jol Thoms (CA) in USA (White) and Siberia (Thoms), develops underlying conditions that are used to define how artists shift their work into the field, or as fieldwork, with a specific emphasis on scale. Narrated by Jol Thoms, the film depicts three acts of capture, with two giant scientific cameras search for the infinitesimally small in Utah and Siberia, and the archive team from the Getty Institute using weather balloons to record Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty, also in Utah.  Two further films, exploring the deep field are in development. Please contact us for further information.

A project supported by Office of Experiments