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The Redactor

  THE REDACTOR, was launched for ‘The Incidental Person’ at Apexart 2010 in New York. Antony Hudek on ‘The Incidental Person’. “The British artist John Latham (1921–2006) coined the expression the “Incidental Person” (IP) to qualify an individual who engages in non-art contexts – industry, politics, education – while avoiding… Read more

The Self-Experimenter

The Self-Experimenter – 2005 This publication was developed for the event ‘The Void’ at The Barbican Gallery, London, part of the ‘Colour After Klein’ exhibition in 2005. The full colour A2 folded sheet publication featured editorial, information on the exhibition ‘Le Vide’ by Yves Klein, data on methylene blue and… Read more

Founded in London, 2004.