The Mike Kenner Archive

The Mike Kenner Archive was donated to the Office of Experiments in 2009. Mike Kenner is an independent researcher whose collection of many thousands of formerly classified documents, media and other materials were obtained during his research and FOI (Freedom of Information) requests into the activities at the Biochemical Research Centre at Porton Down, Wiltshire (referred to as MRE)and other sensitive research establishments.

The archive contains photographs, de-classified but restricted secret and top-secret documents, cabinet office and official correspondence, experimental data, images, diagrams , analysis, video, photographs, newspaper cuttings etc. Many of these highlight experiments that had a significant impact in the region of Weymouth in the UK, with experiment conducted on the public using live pathogens, largely around Lyme Bay, Dorset. Far from being historic research alone, Kenner’s work points to controversy generated by ongoing scientific trials and experiments, continuing to this day often concealed from the public, yet in plain sight.

For a more detailed history of Porton Down, published in 2015, see Secret Science. A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments by Ulf Schmidt.

The Archive itself is available for public exhibition or display and was seen in a number of venues between 2008-11. Extracts were taken to create the Micro-Exhibition – Proving Grounds of Coast and Sea for an exhibition ‘EXLAB’ at Bridport Arts Centre, near to where many of the experiments took place.

The Mike Kenner Archive comes in an Aluminium Container with 352 folders stored in 12 Box Files with a corresponding Catalogue for searching and retrieving specific documents.

Mike Kenner Archive at John Hansard Gallery, 2008-9
Mike Kenner Archive at John Hansard Gallery, 2008-9
Extract from the film, Men in Masks
Archive image and encrypted source name
Image of map of Corsham Underground Computer Centre – with code names from last 30 years. 2008, UCL, London
Code names of Corsham – UCL, London 2008